MindSpa Relaxation Space

A window of tranquility in busy and fast-paced environments.

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The world’s first Mental Spa

MindSpa Relaxation Spaces provide a window of tranquility in busy and fast-paced environments. Specially designed by meditation experts and neurologists, the MindSpa Relaxation Space is a cozy and portable booth acclimated to help you enjoy deep relaxation and clarity of mind in a matter of minutes. By combining three-dimensional nature sounds, scientifically tested binaural beats, and advanced relaxation techniques, our Relaxation Spaces will optimize your mind to increase creativity, productivity, and motivation.

Under the stars

Effortless relaxation under a starlight sky
imitating being in nature


Zero Gravity

Our Zero-Gravity chair creates a sense of weightlessness, reducing stress on the spine and improving blood circulation.

Other features


Privacy Glass

Relax in perfect solitude.


Total silence

Soundproof up to 70dB.



Compact design. Wheels for easy mobility.



Can be used for mindfulness & work.

Powered by MindSpa.com

MindSpa.com is Europe’s biggest mental health and well-being app. Epic 3D nature recordings, dreamy soundscapes, and hundreds of positive messages, MindSpa. is unlike anything you’ve ever heard! It has been designed to help you relax, work on your imagination and focus, improve sleep, and perform at your very best.


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Enhanced focus & mental stamina

It has been scientifically proven that even a 25-minute mindfulness practice per day can greatly impact the mind. With MindSpa.com’s binaural beat technology, you can develop an enhanced sense of focus, build resilience towards stress, and gain the mental stamina required to perform at your best.
The MindSpa Relaxation Space is the most private and effective way to enhance mental clarity.


Better sleep

MindSpa Relaxation Spaces were born in nature. With 3D sound recordings from over 2000 of the world’s most beautiful natural locations designed to replicate the actual sensation of being in nature, we bring cutting-edge Environmental Psychology through headphones, helping you achieve deep relaxation and better sleep in just a 25-minute session.


Character building

MindSpa Relaxation Spaces are filled with hundreds of positive messages for building healthier habits. You will develop an iron-strong state of mind while also strengthening values like fairness, generosity, kindness, compassion, and more.

Unparalleled experience

In this private environment, any person will be able to find peace of mind and relaxation. Sit, relax, put the headphones on, and close your eyes. Soon, our sounds will transport you to a placid environment powered by 3D sounds, which feel just like a lucid dream The soothing sounds of nature and music will help you achieve the kind of relaxation you would experience when meditating.

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Work & Relaxation

We believe that to reach peak productivity, there must be a balance between work and relaxation. While the MindSpa Relaxation Spaces are perfect for a quick dose of productivity-boosting relaxation, they can also be used for essential work tasks such as video conferencing and making phone calls in privacy, and just as a quiet space for mundane tasks.


Built with Silen

Silen is an Estonian manufacturer of soundproof pods and office booths. Their pods offer never before seen flexibility and record setting sound reduction. Today, Silen products can be found in the offices of Airbus, Amazon, Coca Cola, Spotify and Wells Fargo.

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The benefits

When you are relaxed, you are better equipped to deal with everyday stressors that might disturb your mental and emotional well-being. MindSpa Relaxation Spaces combine advanced sound technology to make meditative relaxation an easy process.

In just 25 minutes, you will experience:

  • Beginning

    Deep relaxation

    Relax your body and mind just like you were on a long, well-deserved vacation.

  • Beginning

    Reduced stress

    Wash away all the stress accumulated throughout the day.

  • Beginning

    Clarity of mind

    Liberate your mind from pessimistic and stressful thoughts that overwhelm you and prevent you from achieving your resolutions.

  • Beginning

    More Motivation

    Recharge your batteries and regain the motivation to get through the day.

  • Beginning

    Increased Happiness

    Experience inner balance and an influx of positive thoughts, both key components of true happiness.

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